Quality for Life

As clean labels for food, supplements and personal care items become increasingly important to your family, we live by our Quality for Life™ pledge to deliver the highest-quality ingredients that nourish and protect your family while also building a better environment.

The four pillars of Quality, Reliability, Traceability and Sustainability are at the core of our business and are there to give you peace of mind. 


Quality is the cornerstone of delivering our Quality for Life™ pledge. You can trust DSM to bring you products that are consistent in quality and high in purity.

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Our Quali® ingredients are reliable, meaning they will consistently deliver on their intended use — whether it is your skin cream, the milk you pack in your child’s lunch or the daily supplement you take to help ensure optimal nutrition.

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Our ability to track and verify the quality of our products throughout their life cycle is what makes traceability essential to the Quality for Life™ pledge.

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Quality for Life™ extends beyond products and services and includes our commitment to the environment, which we show by reducing the environmental impact of our activities while simultaneously optimizing land and resource use.

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Quality for Life™

The products that pass your lips and touch your skin should be backed by a trusted pledge, giving you peace of mind in knowing that the ingredients are of the highest quality, sourced from sustainable resources, have a traceable origin and deliver consistent levels of Quali®-brand nutrients during every use. That is why we follow the Quality for Life principles. Watch now to explore the Quality for Life principles.

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