Mixing Up Personalized Nutrition – What is Mixfit?

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Vitamins and nutrients can be complicated, especially when you need to juggle multiple bottles, take large or several pills at once and aren’t 100 percent sure what your body needs on a daily basis. Personalized nutrition is the latest wellness craze that has attracted the attention of health care practitioners and consumers of all ages for good reasons. 

Personalized nutrition takes holistic health and wellness to an entirely new level. While many companies are starting to offer personalized nutrition programs, there is one in particular that is reinventing how consumers take their daily vitamins – Mixfit™.

How it works

Mixfit is a web-enabled smart countertop appliance that syncs seamlessly with the Mixfit app. Together, they use personal data that can be input daily to deliver a nutrient-rich drink, designed for each individual user. By sharing inputs about lifestyle, health goals, diet and physical fitness, Mixfit is able to produce a personalized nutrition mix that is truly unique. Simply add the vitamin mix to the countertop appliance and voila – a customized beverage is dispensed in a favorite mug or on-the-go cup. The Mixfit program features a convenient 28-day delivery of personalized vitamin sachets, which arrive at subscribers’ doorsteps.

The vitamins

The Mixfit vitamins feature DSM’s Quali® vitamin blends. This includes all of the traditional letter vitamins (A, B, C, D, E and K), as well as nutraceuticals and minerals that the body may need. DSM’s Quali®-blends are made of the highest-quality ingredients in certified GMP (good manufacturing practices) facilities. 

To learn more about Mixfit or to join the early adopter program, please visit www.gomixfit.com

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04 January 2019

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